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our approach to counseling

Sometimes children and teens are unable to easily express or make sense of the problems or difficulties they experience in their life. As a result, they act out in ways that are both confusing and frustrating to their parents. Thrive Counseling operates from the core belief that the struggles a child/adolescent, parent, or family has make perfect sense given the challenges they have faced. While we work with children and families to support change, we firmly believe that every client is of great value, just as they are at this moment. Even when the need for change is urgent, or mistakes have been serious, we believe that each person is doing the best they can do with the resources they have available (yep, kids too!). Therapy offers new resources, and can give children and families the skills and perspective needed to forge a new path.

Thrive Therapists borrow from an array of theories and strategies in order to help meet the needs of every client and every unique situation. When working with clients, Thrive Therapists utilize a "prescriptive eclectic" approach to therapy for young people and their families. Symptomatology and life stressors are assessed and a unique treatment plan is created with an understanding that every child is different. Our therapist come from a combination of expressive therapies, particularly play therapy, with cognitive behavioral work and skills training. All counseling is undergirded by an understanding of trauma and its effects on children and families. Children diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, CD, depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and Adjustment Disorders are welcome. Families who have experienced sexual, verbal or physical abuse, domestic violence, divorce, death, chronic illness or incarceration of a parent will find a safe place at Thrive Counseling.

Kids are a remarkable group of people. Thrive Counseling Therapist have a passion and desire to better understand children of all ages. As a result, our therapists have cultivated their academic studies and career to learn about and work with them. We enjoy and find great fulfillment in helping children and adolescents conceptualize and work through their feelings and various problems.  By strengthening a child's confidence to handle "tough stuff" and nurturing their relationship with loved ones, a more healthy family can be created. We L-O-V-E this about our job!

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what makes us unique?

Thrive Counseling is a leader in child and adolescent counseling/art therapy in North GA area where our compassionate Thrive Therapist implement custom tailored therapy using creative approaches to mental health. Our counselors ONLY work with children, teens, and parents. As child specialists, we know how kids think, feel, communicate, and cope. As parent supporters and trainers, we know how families work and how parents can best help their child overcome even the most difficult challenges. We want to share our passion for counseling children and our child-friendly approaches with you and your child.

our beliefs about...

Children and Adolescents

We believe children and adolescents are resilient and have the ability to cope with and overcome challenging obstacles. We believe that given the tools and opportunity to master and understand their experiences, they will thrive.

Couple Relationships

We believe in the importance of personal relationships. We believe that relationships can improve even in difficult times. Marriage and significant other relationships require nurturing and attention. Through the use of constructive communication skills, couples can increase and maintain their level of intimacy.


We believe in the strength of the family system. We believe that each individual family member plays an important role in a family's dynamics and that positive change occurs when all members participate, working together toward a common goal.


Thrive Counseling prides itself on teamwork. This includes our Clinical Director working to ensure the quality of our services. The director meets regularly with our Thrive Therapists to monitor adherence to accepted standards for ethical, legal, and professional practice, and provides oversight for Support Staff with scheduling, staffing, and financial issues as they pertain to client needs.