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Helpful Tools

familt wizard

For helpful Tools to simplify shared child custody, we recommend: Our Family Wizard. Ideal for Joint custody, co-parenting after divorce, blended families, or high conflict parenting. This “at your fingertip” resource makes it easy to communicate, organize and manage all of your family’s information, messages, journals, expenses, parenting time calendars, schedules and more. Talk with your Thrive Therapist today about how PREPARE / ENRICH can help get the conversation started in developing a customized skills building program tailored for your unique relationship. Once registered, your Thrive Therapist will send you an email with login information for you to complete the PREPARE / ENRICH Assessment at the above link. Grab a cup of green tea and enjoy about 30 minutes of reflection on both strengths and growth areas.

Pop Quiz!

...Just kidding, these are super-fun ways to learn about Y-O-U!

True Friend Test

This quiz is adapted from an American Girl book called, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles, which I really love and highly recommend you get. Take the quiz now!

My Relationship with Me Quiz

Girls! We created this quiz to help you get a sense of how healthy your relationship is with YOU because this is the foundation for building healthy relationships with anyone else. Take it now and see how you score! (Adult women can take it, too. Just change the word 'girls' to 'women' and 'boys' to men in #13 and the words 'in class' to 'at work' in #19.) Click to download.

Parenting Style Quiz

What's your parenting style? Take this quiz to find out! It is divided into two parts with 15 statements each. Part I is designed to help you identify your beliefs about being a parent. Part II focuses on your current home situation. Click to download.

AutPlay® Autism Checklist

The AutPlay® Autism Checklist is an autism screening instrument to help assess the need for further evaluation. Place a check by each statement that describes your child. If you are unsure, leave the statement blank. When completed, take the Checklist to your child’s practitioner. Click to download.

Love Languages Personal Profile, For Teens

This short questionnaire will determine how you like to give and recurve love from your parents! Click to download.

Apology Languages Personal Profile

For those of us who aren't perfect or have perfect relationships, this quick quiz will help you learn the anatomy of a genuine apology. Click to download.


This is an assessment tool for determining risk factors of suicide. Click to download.

Love Languages Mystery Game for Kids

Hey Kids! Have fun unlocking the Love Language Mystery to find out what makes you feel the most appreciated and loved! Ask your mom or dad for help if you have any questions. Click here to download.

Love Languages for Couples

Take this quiz to better understand your emotional communication preference. It will single out your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect with your loved one with intimacy and fulfillment.Click here to download.

Love languages for Singles

Not in a relationship- no problem. You can still take this Love Language quiz to help you understand the primary way you like to give and receive love. You can use it to connect and deepen your relationships with others.Click here to download.

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