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Group Counseling provides help in individual and interpersonal adjustment through discussion and activities with other children and adolescents with similar experiences and goals. Many people don't realize it, but group counseling is a rewarding, effective, and affordable way to achieve your counseling goals. The group atmosphere provides the confidence and comfort of knowing you are not alone by having the opportunity to interact with others who may share similar struggles. Groups provide an opportunity for peer support and provide a safe space to practice positive social skills.

*** In order to be a member of the group, each member must agree to keep group discussions and activities confidential. A "Group Readiness Session" with parents is required for all potential group members to determine if the group objectives and setting are the best fit for that child/teen's individual goals. SPACES LIMITED so call today to start connecting!

"What I received from being in group was that I was not so much alone any more. I was in many ways just like other people. What a relief! I became less ashamed and did not need to hide. I experienced being accepted. I received support and was able to give support to others. We were able to share what worked for us and try it out. We even practiced in group. My confidence grew and it showed in my life outside of group. I began to live." – Anonymous group member

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At Thrive Counseling, topics for groups alternate so please check back for the most "up to the minute" group offerings.

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