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available services

Children and adolescents may be seen individually, in family therapy, or group therapy. Parents may receive individual training including how to provide positive discipline for children while managing troublesome behaviors or attend a parent skills training in a group format. Wrap around services to coordinate care between schools, doctors and the therapist are also available.

We Begin with an Initial Assessment
Before initiating counseling services, We schedule an initial assessment session with either you and/or your partner, without your child being present. Occasionally, the initial assessment may take place with all members of your family present. The initial assessment is completed in one 50-minute session. The following steps are carried out:

  • Details about your current concerns regarding your child are obtained.
  • Background information and family history is gathered.
  • Goals for therapy are discussed.
  • Various counseling approaches are discussed and a plan of action is determined.

After the initial assessment and depending on your particular needs, you and your child will be involved in counseling either individually or together through various combinations of the following services:

  • Play Therapy for Children
  • Teen Counseling
  • Parent Consultation
  • Family Counseling
  • Filial Play Therapy
  • Theraplay®
  • AutPlay™ (Play Therapy for Autism)
  • Group Therapy
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision (for licensure or RPT)
  • Telemental Health over phone/chat platform
  • Brainspotting
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reintegration (EMDR)
  • Prepare / Enrich for Couples
  • Yoga/Movement Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Workshops
  • School/Classroom Observation
  • Professional Consultation
  • SandTray Therapy

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If you would like more information on a specific type of therapy or are interested in making an appointment to discuss your concerns, please contact our intake office.