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To All of Our Valued Clients:

We are essential, and so are you. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to accept new clients virtually and in person. Our commitment to your mental health remains strong. Call 678-217-PLAY (7529) to schedule an appointment today.


We warmly invite you and your family into our practice, where we want you to feel safe, respected, and valued. Nothing is more important than family. Yet, we all know that traumatic experiences, unexpected events, difficult relationships and outside influences can threaten a family and its children's well being. Restoring stability is often more than one person, a couple or even an entire family can do alone. Children, as well as teenagers and adults, often need a place where they can begin to figure out what it is that is upsetting them. Life can be puzzling and often difficult. Everyone has been faced with situations in their lives where they just don't know where to turn. Our training and experience makes us experts in personal challenges. As counselors, we are dedicated to helping families become healthy, safe and stable by providing counseling and psychotherapy as well as educational and personal support for both children and adults. Thrive Counseling has the resources, experience, and training to help make a real and positive difference. Whether you are someone seeking a solution to a difficult problem, a counselor or other professional wanting to make a referral, a parent looking for advice on everyday family issues and services for your child, or a caring individual wishing to offer support, we welcome you to our web site.

Wherever your path takes you, we wish you well!
E. Amanda Dellinger-Allen, Ed.S., M.S., LPC, NCC, CPCS, RPT-S, CTS, CAMS
Owner, Thrive Counseling